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Leveling Up Your Life: The Book

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Forget About Building Your Business First...

Here's a story about a guy that went from being dead broke and stressed trying to make it to 6 figures to "LEVELING UP" and taking back control of his life and his business. Keep reading, and I'll show you the changes I made and every tool I used to get there (no, seriously!)


Austin Netzley

Austin Netzley

CEO of Epic Launch and Author of Make Money Live Wealthy

“One of my favorite things about Leveling Up Your Life is that it’s guiding you to take action. It’s full of exercises that busy entrepreneurs need to become successful real business owners. Two thumbs up.”

Peter Voogd

Peter Voogd

Founder of Game Changers Academy and Best Selling Author of 6 Month to 6 Figures

“If you want to live life on your terms and become a true entrepreneur with freedom, this is your blueprint. This book is more than just building a business around your life. It is your proven path to true wealth and freedom.”

Mark Lack

Mark Lack

Founder of Shorten The Gap and Host of Business Rockstars

“Ken Brokaw’s proven system to free up time as an entrepreneur is a game changer. In today’s age entrepreneurs have access to more technology and resources than ever before and he helps entrepreneurs use them to their fullest advantages.”

Here’s me – looking extremely happy in my downtime. But before I got to this point in my life, I was barely breaking even and struggling to figure out how to build and scale my business to live a life of freedom and happiness.

I had the hustle and the drive but I was using them in the wrong way. It was taking up too much time and energy to hustle 24/7 in my business and I felt as if I was just spinning my wheels trying to make it to 6 figures. That’s all I cared about…making it to 6 figures. I thought if I just make it to 6 figures then I would be happy. I thought to myself, if I was making over 6 figures then I wouldn’t have to worry about income and I could start focusing more on life and those around me. But when I just focused on the money, I felt myself start to slowly deteriorate. I wasn’t focusing on my health, relationships or anything else in my life and it wasn’t until I completely flipped my perspective when I started to see my income increase.

That’s why I wrote this book. I wanted others to have the same blueprint I used to start living life and truly making a business around the lifestyle YOU want to live.

Here’s Exactly How I Did It

I needed to start realizing the work-life is not a balancing act…they are part of one another:

Leveling Up Your Life is all about finding the perfect way to harmonize your inner self, interpersonal relationships and your income. These 3 parts of your life is what ultimately dictate your success and happiness and it’s not until they are all congruent with one another until you start seeing results.

Inner Self:

I started to focus on energy management and gratitude. While trying to make 6 figures, I could careless how I felt so long as I was making money but what I quickly realized is that if you are not happy with your inner self then everything else around you becomes irrelevant.

Interpersonal Relationships:

I focused on quality of my relationships, not quantity. Relationships are pivotal to our success but it’s who we surround ourselves with that ultimately dictates how successful we are going to be. I can’t say it better than Jim Rohn, “you are the average of the 5 people you associate with most.”


Lastly, I focused on income. That’s right….the last thing I focused on was income but it’s not just about the dollars that ended up in my pocket. It’s how I got those dollars. I started to focus on what I truly valued in life and started to measure ROI’s for everything in my life. It wasn’t until I viewed my life this way when it all changed.

Enough Said, I Want To LEVEL UP!


“If you’ve started a business to create an amazing life… Yet you found yourself feeling like you just created a job, then you need to read “Leveling Up Your Life!” Ken has a proven system that every entrepreneur needs to follow to thrive in business, but most importantly, in life!”

Kirk Noles, Founder of Everyman Media Works

“Ken Brokaw is decades beyond most. He has discerned many wise principles and puts them to practice. This book is a must read for anyone looking for clear, succinct advice for how to properly build a successful business for the purpose of benefiting your life. Not the other way around.”

Silas Garrison, Founder of SlingSmart

“If you want to live life on your terms and become a true entrepreneur with freedom, this is your blueprint.”

Matthew Worsman, CEO and Co Founder of Rock Print

“What is the point of being an entrepreneur if you can’t enjoy your life along the way? Leveling up your life is the system that any entrepreneur can use to build a business that will fit the lifestyle they want to live.”

Patrick Sitkins, Co Author of Brand Aid

“Ken Brokaw is the example of doing and failing, doing and succeeding. He never came from money but has hustled his way to success. This is a great book about taking action. It is chocked full of exercises that lead you in the right direction to becoming a successful entrepreneur. Read it or miss out.”

Matthew Arrington, CEO and Founder of Forte Strong

“Ken Brokaw never went to business school and was self taught. I felt as if this book was packed full of insight more so than any other business program because it’s based on real life examples. Real life situations.”

Mike O’Kelly, Co-Founder of Rithm AI