Leveling Up Your Life

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Leaving a Legacy: How to Live Your Best Business Life

I could die today. I know, that sounds super morbid. My point is that I would be okay with dying today. I live each day trying to fulfill my relationships, my business, and my personal matters the best that I can. Why live a life full of regret? I often ask myself,...

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Start Lean: The Business Learning Curve

My current business model is all about teaching other entrepreneurs how to jumpstart and add value to their business. I didn’t know what I was doing when I started my first business; believe me, I took “trial and error” to a whole new dimension. There are going to be...

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What Super Nintendo Taught Me About Business

Do you remember Super Mario…? I’ve gotta say - it’s probably my favorite game of all time. Super Nintendo was THE very best gaming system ever created, and I spent much of my childhood playing Mario in my basement for hours. Mario was the man - he was a tiny Italian...

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Why Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

"A boat doesn’t go forward if each one is rowing their own way." Who doesn't roll their eyes a little when they hear "team building," am I right? Team building is usually constructed around hokey challenges consisting of forced ice-breakers, trust falls, and human...

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What Failure Has Taught Me About Success

"If you have learned from defeat, you haven't really lost." As humans, we are prone to defeat - to failure. Accepting this as normal is a tough pill to swallow. Nobody WANTS to fail. We work hard every single day to be better and do better. Our entire lives are based...

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Happiness Challenge: 3 Tips Toward Positivity

I have decided to create a Happiness Challenge for myself. Could positivity really affect your everyday life? The answer is yes. We all get in the habit of creating negative thoughts. I mean, there's negativity all around us! You're running late, the traffic is bad,...

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