Leveling Up Your Life

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I could die today.

I know, that sounds super morbid. My point is that I would be okay with dying today. I live each day trying to fulfill my relationships, my business, and my personal matters the best that I can. Why live a life full of regret?

I often ask myself, “If I died today, am I leaving behind a legacy that I’m proud of?” As you can see, my answer is often “Yes.” But how can we all improve upon the legacy we leave behind?

Oftentimes, business leaders fail to consider these questions before it’s too late. It isn’t exactly like planning your retirement. The truth is, we have no idea when our last day will be.

I am shocked by the level of entrepreneurs, bosses, and leaders within companies who don’t think about the legacy they are leaving behind. People are so focused on not leaving a negative legacy that they forget about creating a positive one.

So how do we even begin to start doing that?

Define Yourself

Hopefully, if you are the CEO or business leader of your company, your employees already know who you are and what you stand for. But what if they don’t…? Are you the actual face of your company? If a company-wide memo has your name at the bottom, is it truly your opinion? As a boss, you should be known as a communicator. Communicating effectively with your team is a positive skill in all aspects of your business model. Stay consistent – hold true to your personal and company values so that others are never hesitant on your mission.

With that being said, create a positive company culture. You should care about your employees – and they should know you care. Sure, they know you care about revenue and customer success and inventory and sales, etc. But they should absolutely know that you equally care about their wellbeing.

Perfection Does Not Exist

Striving for perfection within your own life (and your business) will be your ultimate failure. Perfection does not exist! Looking for perfection within your team or employees is certainly the wrong course of action if you want to run a successful company.

To me, failure has never been failure. Failure is, first and foremost, a learning experience. What could I have done better? What should I implement in the future to make sure this doesn’t happen again? Do your best – as a CEO, as an entrepreneur, as a person. Expect the same from the people who make your company the successful business that it is.

Create a Strong Foundation

I know I’m always talking about systems; however, systems are what create a strong foundation for your company. Creating easy-to-follow processes for each step, position, and department of your business will work wonders in terms of creating a steady infrastructure.

When a challenge or problem arises within the company in your absence, there will be systems in place to combat this issue. When someone has a question about specific job requirements or a departmental hiccup, there will be systems in place to resolve these situations. Do the leaders within your company know and implement these systems? Plan strategically.

No Surprise

As I said earlier, we don’t know when our last day on earth will be. However, none of us are immortal. It’s important to remember that we only have a seemingly short time on this earth and we should spend our days making it the best life it can be.

Alfred Nobel had the unfortunate discovery when, in 1888,  a French newspaper published HIS obituary instead of his brother’s who had recently passed. “The merchant of death is dead,” read the headline. We know that Alfred Nobel was the inventor of dynamite – and the legacy and public image he was leaving behind absolutely horrified him.

Nobel actually took this surprise (and mistake) as a warning – a warning that ended up changing the course of his life. He wanted to be remembered for a good cause – who wouldn’t be? A year before his passing, Nobel placed in his will that he wanted 94% of his total assets (and he was a millionaire, even then), to create a prize for individuals who have made the “greatest benefit on mankind” in chemistry, physics, literature, physiology, medicine, or peace.

We now have the Nobel Prize, which is still awarded today. Because Alfred Nobel had accidentally seen into his future, he changed the entire course of his life and legacy as well. Can you imagine what your obituary would say? Would it shed a positive light on your life and your values? Think about it.

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