Leveling Up Your Life

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My current business model is all about teaching other entrepreneurs how to jumpstart and add value to their business. I didn’t know what I was doing when I started my first business; believe me, I took “trial and error” to a whole new dimension. There are going to be moments that feel a lot like failures – but that doesn’t mean your attempts should be considered as such.

My biggest challenge often centered around making things perfect, and we all know how that turns out. This idea of “perfection” resulted in my collapse at 27 years old – twenty-seven. I was creating a business and doing everything unsuccessful people weren’t willing to do. Going the extra miles was what I was good at. But at what cost…? Clearly, I was willing to risk everything, including my health, to be perfect.

Fun fact: perfection doesn’t exist. Sorry to burst your business bubble, but a business focused on perfection is already set up for disaster. Maybe you already have a business plan/model in mind. Maybe you’ve already created presentations upon charts upon tables upon spreadsheets. There could be tons of great information in those documents to create a solid plan. However, sometimes bulk adds to the problem.

Have you heard of the lean business plan? It’s a lot like exercise, honestly. When you strive to be lean (and healthier) in your life, you cut out excess fat and unnecessary things within your diet to meet your goal. This model is exactly that – a diet to jumpstart your business. Create a business plan with the essentials in mind. Some lists/tables/charts are great, but too much of a “good” thing could weigh down your business. When you start lean, start simple, your company can focus on the core values of your business’ success. The lean business plan (look up The Lean Startup for more info) is a cycle (yes, a continuous cycle) of four main parts:

  • Plan
  • Do
  • Check
  • Adjust


Starting your business with the bare necessities (thanks, Jungle Book) is what will help you focus on on the main goals of your company – without the extra fluff. Sit down, create bullet points, create a plan. Continuing to improve your business should be a part of your checklist for success.

However, when you continue to focus on how perfect and beautiful your plan looks on paper (and to others), you are not making your goals a focal point. Why focus on a business plan solely focused on formality for formalities sake…? You can plan and launch a business without focusing on the “pretty” right at the starting gate.


Create a simple plan – stick to it. It should be a solid foundation for how your business will grow in the coming days, months, and year. Develop a strategy with a few key points – notice I said few. Think about these key questions when creating your strategy:

  • What is a pain point in your industry?
  • How is your product/service solving this pain point?
  • Who is the target customer for this product/service?
  • Why is YOUR business the one to solve this pain point? (What are you doing differently than businesses already out there?)

Once you have these key questions answered for your business, you can launch your business accordingly.


This is an incredibly important step. If something is not working within your business, you can (and should) implement a system in which you can fix the problems (more on that later). Check, evaluate, and check again. This is truly where all your data comes into play – where you learn what is working and what is not working.

Experimentation and testing different strategies, systems, and processes are how we learn! Most things don’t go as planned. Most things don’t work efficiently the first time you try them. You didn’t learn how to ride a bike the first time you got on one.

If you’re afraid of learning, then you shouldn’t be a business owner. If your fear is imperfection, then business is not the place for you. You can and should fix systems as you go!


When you get your results from testing/experimentation, adjust accordingly. What is not working? How can I fix this? Your business’ core focus should be on improvement. Fixing things within your business should never amount to an idea of “imperfection” or “failure.” Create a new system. Check that new process. Is it doing better/worse than anticipated?

You don’t want to change a system within your business and let it become inefficient again. Adjusting allows you to hopefully create standards, the foundation of a successful system – and a successful business.

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