Leveling Up Your Life

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Do you remember Super Mario…? I’ve gotta say – it’s probably my favorite game of all time. Super Nintendo was THE very best gaming system ever created, and I spent much of my childhood playing Mario in my basement for hours.

Mario was the man – he was a tiny Italian plumber who had to make his way through the Magic Kingdom to save the love of his life – a princess at that! And guess who has Princess Peach heavily guarded in his castle? The supervillain turtle named Bowser.

Of course, there were multiple levels, objectives, and puzzles you had to solve without dying to eventually make your way to the princess. There were some epic items along the way to give you an extra boost when all else failed – super mushrooms (energy!), magic stars (invincibility!), and coins (money).

Can you relate?

Doesn’t Super Mario seem an awful lot like our storylines…? Without the amazing graphics, that is. We create goals, and there are often obstacles in our way preventing them from happening as quickly as anticipated. I feel like Mario knew a thing or two about leveling up and finding success.

We are all on a mission, right? Whether that be starting a business, opening a restaurant, or starting a family. We all want to advance and push further to get to our goals.

But it’s so, so easy to get lost in the shuffle. It’s so easy to go off on side missions that seem vastly more simple to achieve. It’s so easy to sit on the couch and watch tv instead of finding a way out of our comfort zone. It is so easy to be okay with just being at a standstill with your life – your career, your marriage, your success.

However, this is an incredibly unhealthy mindset – this standstill. Mario would have never found Princess Peach if he never leveled up each at every opportunity. It’s important to continuously find opportunities to grow as a business owner, a partner, and a person.

Let’s find these epic items (energy, invincibility, and money) throughout our daily lives to take back control of our own success.


In Super Mario, he uses super mushrooms to achieve extra strength. This helps him complete levels far more quickly and far more successfully. Without energy, Mario tends to fail – just like you.

My first call center job was in college. I’d get in at 9, work, and leave for lunch around 11:30 am like clockwork. I would often stop by the burger place next door for convenience. When I came back to my cubicle (full and sleepy), I didn’t really feel like hitting my goals for the day. I lacked the energy, strength, and focus to be the most successful employee I could be. I procrastinated and watched the clock until 5 pm came, so I could leave for the day. I wasn’t living my best life.

So, what will your super mushroom be? Find something that brings you physical, emotional, and mental strength to conquer the day. Your health (not just physical health) needs to be a key focus in your life. Without your health, you cannot present your best self. When you have the energy and strength to conquer every day, your goals are next.


Mario was invincible with magic stars. He could do absolutely anything! Nothing could get in his way or hurt him. He was unstoppable. With magic stars, Mario could not be defeated.

Find something that creates that sense of confidence and invincibility within you. What makes you feel on top of the world and ready to conquer the day? Mine is a feeling – gratitude.

When I think about all that I have in my business, my marriage, and my life, I feel invincible – like I could do anything. Gratefulness and positivity are contagious!


The money system is far different in Super Mario, but we all know that coins represent currency in the game. Money is what makes the world go round, in fact. You can buy extra lives in Mario, unlike us. We only get one of those, but money can often provide us with opportunities to create the life we truly want.

Having multiple streams of income can essentially be your extra lives – a cushion for when something unexpected happens to bring you down. Shouldn’t you do what you’re passionate about? A lot of people I know aren’t in a career that they are passionate about.  I’ve created many side businesses around my passions that have become my lifelines, my opportunities for a better life.

Super Mario is my favorite video game, but I think the An Entrepreneur’s Life is me creating my own game…with my own rulebook. What’s yours? Find your objective – and run with it. LEVEL UP!


About Leveling Up Your Life

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