Leveling Up Your Life

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“I have too much to do.”

“I’m too busy at work.”

“I need a break.”

You deserve one. Did you know that only 25% of Americans take ALL of their paid vacation days? Some employees don’t even use any! How is that for perfect attendance?

But honestly. Do you hear yourself saying the statements above – that you’re just too busy to take a break? What if I told you that you would be getting paid to better your health…?

Trust me, I am a strong advocate for routines. Sometimes, it’s hard to step away from the hustle of owning a business.

But I have challenged myself to take a vacation ONCE a month. This could just include a weekend trip or somewhere within driving distance of where I live. I live in the Charlotte area of North Carolina, where I have access to the mountains and the beach. I strongly suggest you book that vacation because the benefits far outweigh any drawbacks.

Improve Productivity

I know you’re probably thinking – How could a vacation possibly INCREASE my productivity when I’m away from my desk? But hear me out.

Most people think that putting in more hours = more success. But the average attention span of an adult is 15-40 minutes. That’s IT! It takes a considerable amount of focus to be productive every minute of your work day.

The more time you spend on a particular task, the more likely your brain is going to label that task as unimportant. Your mind is going to wander, and you’re going to attempt to take a break (who looks at their phone at least once an hour…?). Breaks tend to lead to distractions.

A study conducted by Ernst & Young revealed that for every 10 hours of vacation time taken, yearly performance ratings for that employee improved by 8%. The body and the brain need a break – and you deserve to take one.

Stress Reduction

This is a no brainer. But do you know what individuals say is their leading cause of stress? Their JOB! Researchers say that 65% of Americans say their number one source of stress is work. And of that 65%, only 37% of those people knew how to deal with that stress. Sounds like some people don’t know when it’s time for a break!

By taking time and going on that trip, you are removing yourself from the environment that gives you daily anxiety and stress. Getting burnt out will only set yourself up for disaster. Allowing yourself to step away from the stress and recharge will do your body wonders!

Good Night’s Sleep

I know you think that all you need is food, water, and shelter to survive. However, SLEEP is the absolute best thing in the world for your health. I go to bed extremely early every night and make sure I am well-rested for the day ahead. Less sleep means less focus, less alertness, and memory problems.

All of this directly affects your quality of life, which is extremely important to my business and in living my own life successfully. You cannot enjoy life if you live in a constant state of exhaustion. When you go on vacation, the everyday things that disrupt your sleep schedule will be left at home.

Hit the reset button! Let yourself sleep in – your body will thank you. Even if that means your eyes are open, stay in bed. Relaxation is the best medicine of all.

Get Creative

Visiting new places and experiencing new cultures will open doors for your business – and your health. Studies have shown time and time again that nature can greatly improve your focus. I go on a walk outside every morning, regardless of weather. Your environment directly affects your performance; walking in nature reduces your blood pressure and your stress hormone levels.

Trying to separate your work life and personal life can be extremely difficult. Our brain is very sensitive to any type of change – no wonder humans love routine so much! Getting to experience new things (taste, smells, sounds, sights) allows you to open your mind.

If you are always around the same people, you will always think the same way. Gain a broader perspective. Learn new things. Allow yourself to create real-life experiences that can’t occur at your office or at your desk. You’ll thank me later.


Tell me – when was the last time you took a vacation? Where did you go? I’m always looking for new ideas! Feel free to ask me about my travels.

In the meantime, Keep Living the Dream…