Leveling Up Your Life

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Hey, I am not saying drinking is bad.

I love relaxing with a beer, especially in social situations. But I draw the line when it comes to this – I will NOT have a hangover the next day. None.

I don’t think anyone can argue that the amount you drink directly correlates to your level of hangover.

Hangovers are horrible for a multitude of reasons. However, I especially hate being unable to be as productive as I can after a night out drinking. A great night of drinking can leave your brain foggy and tired for the majority of the following day.

I woke up one day with a TWO DAY hangover. I was unproductive for almost 48 hours. I watched Cops for almost 8 hours. It sounds pathetic, doesn’t it? That’s exactly what it made me feel like.

I learned a valuable lesson about alcohol. Alcohol directly effects your sleep and productivity and if you want to achieve your goals, you have to make sacrifices.

Did you know that alcohol directly affects your REM sleep? REM sleep is the stage when you are at your best, most high quality sleep. Not only is your quality of sleep greatly decreasing, but you usually feel awful when you wake up the next morning. Getting a restful sleep is essential to tackling the day ahead.

So, I made a huge decision.

I committed myself to a NO HANGOVER lifestyle until I hit my personal and professional goals I set for myself. We all have big goals – who wants to achieve them with me?

There is a large social component to alcohol. As I said, I like to kick back with friends. Most of us use alcohol as a way to celebrate.

But what are you celebrating exactly…?

Some celebrate the weekend for the simple fact that they aren’t working. Is that really something to celebrate?

My no hangover lifestyle is a huge commitment. It’s committing to not needing alcohol to celebrate and not needing alcohol to socialize. I thrive in social situations, and I will admit that I use my social life to blow off steam and de-stress.

But I soon realized just how much my productivity was affected. I was getting further and further away from my goals – the goals causing me the most stress in my life. And because I was more stressed, I thought I had to blow off steam by drinking socially.

This can be a never-ending cycle and a train you just can’t jump off of.


I want YOU to try this No Hangover Challenge with me. Isn’t it time to make a change? I’m not asking you to stop drinking entirely. I still have a drink or two, but I never exceed my limit. I want to make sure the next time I DO choose to indulge in a few more than I should, there is a damn good reason for celebration!

I know what goals I set for myself. I have to work at them every day. When I am able to challenge myself and hit these goals, there will be truly something to celebrate.

So this is your official invite to my celebration party when I do.

I am a huge advocate for boosting productivity and motivation. When you aren’t laying around with a hazy mind, you will have the energy to get more done.

Start those projects you haven’t started. Complete those goals. LEVEL UP.