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If you’re a small business or startup, outsourcing could be the best tool to better your business.

In an earlier post, I touched on ROI – or return on investment. I hired someone else to do my lawn care after spending copious amount of hours a month. I was not using my time or my energy effectively, especially when mowing my lawn was not a strength point of mine.

My piece of advice? Focus on your strengths! It’s what you’re good at. Outsourcing has a direct ROI when you’re saving time AND money.

What are ultimately the benefits of outsourcing for entrepreneurs? I’m glad you asked.


What is outsourcing exactly? Outsourcing is delegating tasks to  a third party (people or companies) outside of your own. While the world would be a better place if we could do everything on our own (let’s be real), that’s not the reality of a successful business…or living your best life.

Larger corporations have been doing this for a long time with different business functions such as payroll, recruiting, production assignments, bookkeeping, etc. If you’re just starting out, you can distribute much smaller tasks that do not focus on your own strengths. You would only focus on what you’re best at – how great does that sound?

Focus On Your Business

When you delegate tasks to experts within a particular field (content, marketing, production, etc.), this can result in a better quality product. Social media not your strong suit? Outsource it to someone who is passionate about social media.

Not only will they be passionate, they know far more information about that particular subject. This will you free up time within your business (and get that ROI), and you will be freeing up valuable resources within your company.

Business owners often get stuck doing daily tasks which could include a multitude of things: training staff, fixing technical issues, answering phone calls, etc. We already know that a business owner’s strength – they created the business after all. Wouldn’t it be best to only function on the core functions of the company?

This second point is incredibly important when in the process of developing a successful company. How much of your attention should be dedicated to secondary tasks when you’re building your business from the ground up?

Your primary focus should be on serving your customer, regardless of the industry. You want to expand your business without adding a ton of costs, right? When you can hand over certain assignments, your priorities can stay fixed on the tasks that matter most.

Balance of Power

A lot of small businesses and startups cannot compete with big companies in terms of internal services. It can also be extremely expensive to keep in-house! When facing a competitor with significantly more resources, the battle seems not only challenging but terribly short-lived. How can you compete with that…?

But you can. The ability to outsource opens a lot of doors in terms of feeling, acting, and providing services like a larger company. This is a surefire way to level out the playing field. Pay less for non-core business functions while having access to specialists with top notch skills.

New Projects

In the beginning stages, a new business will certainly have projects stacking up. You may not have the staff to complete these assignments effectively and quickly. What if you need marketing materials right away to jump start your email lists? If you outsource an expert, they can hit the ground running.

If it’s a larger project, delegating in-house could take much longer than originally anticipated. Most outsourcing professionals can start a new project almost immediately. This is a huge benefit when your top priority may not be email lists.  Remember my tip? Focus on core business functions as a business owner.


This was just a sneak peek! If you’re interested in a more step-by-step guide on the benefits of outsourcing, quickly fill out the form here on my homepage! It only takes 30 seconds, and there are a TON of resources you can use to jump start your business!

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