Leveling Up Your Life

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Remember the first time you rode a bike? I am not talking about training wheels here…I mean the real deal! It was liberating finally learning to ride that bicycle and having those training wheels come off. It was a sign of accomplishment.

Think about business just like you would bicycling. In order to learn to ride a bicycle, it takes grit and determination to get started and take those training wheels off! At first you fail over and over trying to balance your bicycle and get some momentum. You fall, get up, dust off the dirt and try again. Business is the same when you first get started.  When you start a business, failure is a part of the learning process. It’s important to fail and learn how to recover quickly. It may be a failed Facebook marketing ad, wasted inventory or lose an opportunity due to pricing but every situation is a learning experience. There are thousands of ways to fail within your business at first, but just like riding a bike you learn from your mistakes. The key is to learn from them, only fail at that one thing once and keep moving forward.

All of a sudden you start to figure it out.  After learning from your mistakes you start to gain some momentum. I remember when I first learned to ride a bicycle and the feeling I got when it finally clicked. The satisfaction I got when the bike went 20 yards without tipping over. As the wind rushed through my Ninja Turtles helmet I took the bike all the way to the end of the driveway, turned around and started heading back. I was gaining momentum! The harder I peddled, the faster I went and the more momentum I would gain. It’s the moment you stop peddling, your bike starts to slow down and eventually causes you to crash or fall over. Business is all about moving forward. Some days you may move slower than others but the key is to keep pushing. Just keep peddling! Keep gaining that momentum because just like riding a bike, momentum in your business gives you traction and results.

Then it’s time to take your business to the next level.  When you first start riding a bike you learn to do so on a one speed bike. Eventually you move up to a bike that has multiple gears. Gears on a bicycle are there to help us maintain or increase our momentum. It’s the same for business.  It’s when you start to figure out how to use the gears in your business to propel you even faster. They make our lives easier by creating less resistance. In our business, we need gears as well and there are literally thousands of gears you can use in your business. Gears can come in the form of employees, tools, virtual assistants, partnerships and more. We use these gears to help propel our business even faster and maintain the momentum.

Let’s just take the example of employees. Just like a bike having 5 gears, your business may have 5 employees. Each employee serves a different purpose depending on where your business is but each employee working together, firing on all cylinders is what makes your business run efficiently. You, as the entrepreneur and business owner are the cyclist. It’s your choice when to shift and use which resource and the more you can do this efficiently, the better your business will run.

If Dory (from Finding Nemo) were a cyclist, the famous quote wouldn’t be to keep swimming. It would be, “just keep peddling. Just keep peddling.” That’s the key to starting your business. Keep moving forward. Fail, learn quickly and peddle until you find momentum. Whatever you do, don’t stop the momentum!