Leveling Up Your Life

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Want to learn the concept behind leveling up your life and your business? Play the game, Super Mario Brothers.

If you ask me, Super Nintendo was the best gaming system ever created. I used to sit in my basement for hours playing Mario when I was little. In the game, Super Mario you played an Italian plumber who needs to navigate through the Mushroom Kingdom in order to save the love of his life, Princess Peach. The game always had multiple levels (or what they called worlds) and sub-levels to navigate through and find the villain Bowser who had Princess Peach held captive in his castle. The objective of the game was to navigate through the levels, defeat all the enemies, collect items you could later use in your adventures and solve corresponding puzzles all without dying. 

In order to do so, Mario would often rely on special items in order to give him a power boost. These power-ups are essential to Mario surviving through each of the levels. You had the super mushroom which would make Mario grow bigger and stronger to be able to break through blocks. There was a star which created Mario to have the power of invincibility. And there were even coins that Mario could collect through each level and when you collect enough, you would get an extra life.

Who knew that a crazy game like this would be eerily similar to our lives today.

How Can We Level Up In Our Lives?

Although the definition of level up can be subjective, it ultimately means to increase one’s stature in life or to increase one’s performance at a particular task. The term came from basic video game strategy where a character in a game would accomplish a particular goal, gain a particular skill set or accomplish a mission and move on to the next level. You would guide your character from level to level and see your character grow in particular skill sets. Just like Mario!

If you think about it, Mario is just like us going through life.  We are always looking for that “magic mushroom” to help strengthen us as we fight off enemies to win over he love of our life. What I love most about Mario was that he was an entrepreneur. If you think about it, he travelled all over the place, essentially working from anywhere while collecting money. Isn’t that what all entrepreneurs want in the end?  Your mission may not be to save a woman from a giant, yellow spiked turtle with a bad haircut, but every game needs to have a mission. Once you find your mission, leveling up is all about increasing your skill and finding more challenging ways to become better than before. Ultimately, you are creating your own Super Mario game within the life you live right now.

We have all been there. Your career is on auto pilot. Your relationship seems to be hitting a wall. You are doing the same thing day in and day out. Well according to researchers at the University of Chicago’s Department of Comparative Human Development, this feeling of being “stuck” has another term. It’s called plateauing and it is highly dangerous and unhealthy. I am sure you have been there or maybe you are there right now. Mindlessly drifting from one activity to the next and not actively participating. By the end of the day or week you find yourself feeling unfulfilled or sad.

Well, it’s time to LEVEL UP!

It’s time to take back control. Leveling up your life is all about making sure you’re never plateauing. You are always exploring ways to better yourself and those around you. You are always trying to learn new skills or better the old ones. Take it from Mario and find your version of the magic mushroom, magic star and coins.

Magic Mushroom – the magic mushroom gave Mario strength. What’s your magic mushroom? You need to find what gives you the physical and emotional strength and energy to conquer each day. Without your health, you have nothing. If Mario made a mistake without having the Magic Mushroom, he would die. He wouldn’t have the power to overcome whatever obstacle came in his way. This goes for you too. You cannot run a business and live a fulfilled life if you are sick or drained of energy. The first obstacle you run into will kill you (hopefully not figuratively).

Magic Star – the star gave Mario the power of Invincibility. During this time he was incapable of being defeated. Mario could run through walls, kill all enemies with little effort and was essentially unstoppable. When you feel confident and energized, you become unstoppable. What special item will you use to get you into this mindset? You need the invincible mindset to conquer your business and your life.

Coins – just like Mario, you need money to survive this life. Coins gave Mario the ability to gain extra lives and that is exactly what money does for you. Money will not buy you your invincibility mindset (Magic Star) or better health (Magic Mushroom), it will just give you the ability to buy an extra life. Just like Mario, when you manage your money properly and suddenly something happens to your business, you could still survive. You could still come back and keep playing the game. Let’s say you use the money to buy or invest in extra streams of income (just like buying a life line) and if something were to happen to one business, you have others to fall back on.

Throughout life, you will learn ways to use these special items in order to level up your life and your business. It is important to know that unlike a video game, there is no end. You need to constantly be looking for ways to level up and never lose site of your goals in life. Once you have achieved your highest level (your goals) it’s time to reinvent the game, make it more challenging and start from scratch.

Leveling up is all about making sure you are always improving. Always getting better.