Leveling Up Your Life

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Learn how to level up your life and your business and start living a life of true happiness and success. This book will help you master the 5 core areas of your life so you can have more time with the ones you love, build lasting experiences and a business that works around your life. Are you ready to become the ultimate entrepreneur and live life on your terms?


It's been great working with Ken. I always used to think that working my normal job would make it impossible to start with entrepreneurship but Ken has helped me build the side business I've always wanted and more importantly my health and relationships have never been better. LEVEL UP!

Mike O’Kelly, Entrepreneur

Ken is obsessed with making sure he is a living example of leveling up each area of his life. He truly is an inspiration. I love his book and started applying his simple strategies in order to make sure I am building a business around my life and not the other way around. Thanks Ken!

Austin Netzley, Bestselling author and CEO of Epic Launch

Ken is simply one of the brightest and most positive people I have ever met! Working with him is transformational. He has the unique ability to recognize, understand and explain complex business ideas and relationships and has revolutionized my own thinking! Ken just keeps me motivated to be a better person. He leads by example!

Kara Hess, Entrepreneur and CEO of Play Your Hero

Meet Ken…

From the ages of eighteen to twenty-eight Ken always worked too hard for the wrong reason…money. He always wanted more and risked everything in his life to get it. At twenty-eight, Ken was fired from his high paying job and left with a decision. Go all-in on entrepreneurship or get another high paying job. Ken couldn’t take what the 9-5 scene was doing to his mind, body, spirit and relationships so he promised himself to put those before his business. From that moment forward…everything changed. He made more money, worked less and enjoyed every minute of his life.

Online Business Coach

Providing you with all of the tools needed for building a lifestyle business. Our online business coach system provides many different coaching services. Need a SaaS business coach?  We have you covered.  When you want to take your business to the next level, you need a great online business coach.

Startup Entrepreneur Coaching with a Startup Entrepreneur Mentor

Whether you need startup entrepreneur coaching or a startup entrepreneur mentor, we have solutions. We provide a large variety of services and even have a technology business coach. We know taking your business to the next level is important, so we can help you with multiple coaching and mentoring services.


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